In the emergency room of a quiet hospital, a heart stops beating.

And hours later, it comes to life again in another body. Beating with renewed energy, extending a lifeline to a young woman.

It’s not her time yet.

One heart into another. Strangers just moments before, the transplant weaves two families together. They hug. One family shatters with tears of grief, and the other overflows with gratitude.

The young woman with another’s heart wakes up to a new day. She looks the same. But everything has changed.

At first, intense guilt. Waves of sadness and awe for her donor.

Does she deserve this second chance?

She takes a deep breath, filling her lungs with a renewed determination to live. And not just to survive, but to really live.

Blood rushes through her veins. Heart pumping, matching the rhythm of billions of people.

The world spins.

Why did it require another’s death, and her near-death, to create this urgency to live? This sharp gratitude for life?

Her old heart, though weak, had nothing to do with the weakness of her spirit.

It must be perspective.

The idea of her new heart gives her so much more: new eyes to see the world, a skip in her step, and a fuller, more grateful soul.

Billions of hearts beat on earth. What if each one is a transplant? A gift from another, starting the clock for our time on this planet.

Somewhere in the world, a heart stops beating.

And at the same moment, in a mother’s womb, yours comes to life.


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