Purpose is not about the end goal. It’s ever-expanding. It’s a journey that takes you deeper and deeper into what lights you up.

You don’t need to figure out your purpose.

When you look at it as your end goal, you put too much pressure on yourself.

How can you know your purpose when you’re constantly growing? Your perspective in 5, 10 years – even 6 months – is going to be so different from where you stand today. Can you expect to carve your purpose in stone at the level of experience and awareness you’re at now?

No, your soul purpose is much grander and more beautiful than you can imagine today. Many of us underestimate how much we can expand in a year, let alone a lifetime.

Purpose is not something outside of you! It’s aligning with your truest self – your highest self, your soul. You won’t find your purpose outside of yourself. There’s no need to strive for it, reach for it.

True purpose is an ever-expanding journey of experiences, shedding the fears and ego, leading you deeper into the most raw expression of your highest self.

It’s a dropping in. A dropping into yourself, a removal of all the layers of fears and resistance you’ve built along the way. Fears like: “What will others think of me?” Or, “You can’t make money doing this.” And you let go of the traumas and subconscious fears from past lives where you may have been ridiculed, shunned, broken for trying to speak your truth.

That will happen no longer. We live in a new age. The door is open, wider than ever before, for those who want to drop into the calling of their soul.

We are rising above the era of negativity, fear, and judgment. As we enter a world of acceptance and love, the old beliefs and “should’s” of society collapse. Look around you. In giant waves, people are rejecting the old employment structure, creating flexible lifestyles and careers on their own terms. They’re reconstructing the values that matter to them, speaking up, and thinking for themselves.

What a beautiful time to be alive! We can walk through the open door of possibility, to create the life – and world – of our dreams.

So what do we do? We follow the breadcrumbs of what excites us, to the next mountaintop of our purpose, and the next.

Your emotions will give you clues to take you down the road, guiding you closer or telling you when you’ve strayed.

They communicate with you constantly, nudging you to your life’s joy, your natural skills, your deepest excitement.

Feeling anxious and suffocated? It’s a signal that you’re straying away from your highest self. Or do you feel excitement and joy? Does the time fly by? That’s the language of your soul! Listen to your emotions. They show you where you are on your journey.

You might discover a breadcrumb. For example – wow, you love writing! You forgot how much you loved it as a kid. It completely immerses you. You might realize your purpose is to become an author, a buried childhood dream.

That’s just the first breadcrumb. Hold on tight to that excitement, because there are many more gifts and surprises to come.

You write and write, feeling so alive. And you meet amazing mentors and teachers along the way. Attracted to your light, people start approaching you for advice. And you realize that you also want to be a teacher.

Here, you find your next breadcrumb. Your purpose is to write and speak, traveling the world! Any way to keep doing your joy, spreading your message and touching lives.

Through this next leg of your journey, you dive deeper into spirituality. You meditate and discover the power of your subconscious. You tap into another level of creativity through opening the channels of communication with your higher mind. Your words flow more easily. Doors start opening and opportunities fly your way.

But much more than that, you reconnect with your soul, discovering a deeper unconditional love for yourself. You feel closer to your friends and family. You can send healing energy to others through thought. Is your purpose to be a healer?

But even healing and teaching comes from a hierarchical perspective, as it assumes others need to be inspired or taught because they are not whole. This no longer makes sense in the new world where we remember the wholeness of every soul in the highest sense.

See, your purpose evolves as you practice dissolving your ego, shedding the old illusions and values you held so close. When you let go of your old definitions of your identity and success, so much of what you saw as important before will no longer matter at all.

You’ve always felt like there’s something more to life than we can see with our eyes. Now, your footsteps are lighter as you walk in gratitude and reverence for the earth and this life experience. And as your heart opens, you feel a deep sense of peace and connection to all of humanity and nature.

And finally, a realization hits you as you begin to live from this perspective.

Purpose is not about DOING. It’s not a job title, accomplishment, or end result. It’s about how you’re BEING.

As you follow the breadcrumbs of curiosity and excitement, ask yourself: how are you BEING – to yourself, to others? Are you living in a state of gratitude and wonder? Do you love yourself and others, expressing this joy in all that you do? Do you speak and act in integrity?

Remove the layers of fear and self-protection, and drop into yourself. You’ll see with clarity who you truly are – a being of complete love, wholeness, and abundance. And this knowing begins to touch everything you are, everything you do and say – because you’re aligned with your soul.

And when you see the wholeness that you are, an ever-expanding and eternal soul – you see the wholeness in all others. That’s why it must begin with yourself, with loving yourself first. Yes, many people are in the darkness – suffering or inflicting suffering – but you now see beyond the masks they wear in this lifetime to who they truly are. And here, you realize – in the most eternal sense, no one is broken. No one is lesser. Our souls are all whole. Nothing needs to be added or can be taken away.

There is nothing you need to fix. There is nothing you need to teach or do.

Everyone is growing and expanding in their own time. They can’t not expand. You’re here to BE, to remember who you truly are, and drop into alignment with your highest self. If you want to write, teach, speak, paint, build a business – do it for the joy it brings you, the alignment it brings you with the expression of your highest self.

But you want to change the world? You want to inspire? How you’re BEING as you pursue your DOING will create far bigger ripple effects in the hearts of humanity. When you see the wholeness in others, you activate in them the remembrance of their own light. Through intention, you collectively choose and create a more loving world.

Come from a place of BEING first, and from that place, integrate the DOING.

When you come from a place of love, abundance, and interconnectedness – everything you create will be in beauty. And much greater than the results of your physical creations, living as your highest self awakens others to realize their own light.

You are not small. Your life is not just about your physical creations and what you did. If only you saw the power of your energy, the wisdom of your highest self, the creations that you bring forth in your dream state, and most importantly – the love you share with others.

Your power is magnificent. In this lifetime and so many before, you’ve been spreading your light in waves, further than you can ever imagine.

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