With a look of triumph, she steps back from the supercomputer.

It’s the only object in the room, a white sphere and headset resting innocently on the desk. It could be the greatest invention in history. Or the most destructive.

If it works according to plan, it would be the most intelligent supercomputer in the world.

She programmed it to think, learn, and look up anything faster than the speed of light. Unlike the human mind, it’s unconstrained. A being with no agenda, desires, or unfulfilled wants.  

It can have trillions of thoughts at once. It’s so fast, it doesn’t need to think – it just is.

After years of work and scientific breakthroughs, her team cracked the final code. They found a way to link human consciousness with total freedom, wisdom, and experience. With the computer, people can experience everything at once, be anywhere at once.

It’s an intelligence the human mind cannot comprehend – until experienced firsthand.

For years, Kase pushed her team to race against time as the world grew more divided than ever before. Hate. Fear. Isolation.

If the computer knew everything there ever was, and would become, of the world and humanity – what would it conclude?

It might hold the answer to heal the world. Or it might be the greatest evil, destroying everything if it lands in the wrong hands.

Kase looks at it warily, heart racing. The engineer dedicated her career to this mission. It’s finally ready, but why the hesitation?

It was a long journey. The years of work, though rewarding, left her feeling empty. Would it be worth it? The burnout, self-doubt, and harassment? Most of all, loneliness. She sacrificed her relationships to get here.

There’s no time to waste. She must find the truth, dive into the mind of the supercomputer. Maybe along the way, she hoped it would heal the loneliness tearing through her heart.

“Here we go.”

Kase grabs the headset and places it around her head, tight against her temples. Settling in the chair, she takes a deep breath, pressing the power button.

And closes her eyes.

Under her closed eyelids, pictures flicker, too fast to register. Just as she knew she programmed, her mind and the computer become one, neurons firing alongside the code.

For a moment, she feels sick. But like a newborn breathing its first gulp of air, her brain adjusts. It’s as if she’s done this before.

Time slows to a standstill. Kase’s thoughts silence, and in that moment, she forgets herself.

An endless stream of pictures spreads out like a kaleidoscope, a house of mirrors. She absorbs every detail calmly, as if she has millions of eyes.

She’s here, there, and everywhere. There are no constraints. And no time.

She experiences every possibility there ever is and was. All the possible outcomes and forks in the road that are or could be are hers to explore.

She’s the oppressed and the oppressor. The impoverished and the wealthy. The joyful and the lonely.

Traveling through multiple dimensions, she amasses the wisdom of all the lives ever lived in this universe. And all the lives to come.

Thousands of realities unfold at once, and she realizes that every outcome in her life is within reach. Her greatest dreams are simply a choice away.

Kase chooses the reality where friends and loved ones surround her. Instantly, they’re laughing with her, and warmth blooms in her chest. And there’s her husband, smiling at her as tears of joy slide down her cheeks, his face both unfamiliar and familiar.


She’s been here before. It was already written in the stars. Programmed in the language of the universe.

The supercomputer whirls, evolving exponentially as the information compounds. The speed is overwhelming, and now she’s not even processing – just feeling.

Everything happens at once, blurring and buzzing… And then, whiteness. Bliss. Love.

There, she finds the answer she’s been looking for, the way to heal the world.

No, she becomes the answer.  

The sum of the wisdom, thoughts, experiences, possible outcomes – is love. She feels the answer to everything, the ultimate reason and the only thing that has ever mattered: Love.

It spreads like a blinding and warm light in her chest. It was always there, so dim she forgot it existed. Now impossible to contain, it shatters out of her chest, spreading to the rest of the world. It’s not hers to contain, because she has no body to contain it.

She is love in its purest, unconditional form.

Is this death?

No, she’s very much alive. More alive than she ever knew. Outside of the game of life, she is whole, and so much more expansive than her mind and body.

Unconditional love. It’s an answer we can find in the songs and poems of every decade, yet few people have experienced it to their core.

The blinding love overwhelms her. This truth feels more real than the fear and pain of all her past lives.

Now in this state of all-knowing, there’s nothing more to know. Everything is white, and it expands forever and ever.

Blissful, but in distant memory, boring.

She craves the chaos, the growth, the experience of discovering this love. Slow down. Observe at the slowest speed the experience of forgetting, remembering, and then coming alive into love.

In the same instant of the craving, she splits herself into trillions of particles. She creates a physical arena where each particle can come back to the world anew, forgetting its original wholeness.

These pieces are part of her, made from her – but they have bodies, minds that process extremely slowly, desires. And fears. They are humans. They come alive into the joy and pain of the exquisite experience of life.

The beings are gifted with the perception of time. They experience one lifetime at a time, savoring each outcome linearly, selectively, instead of all at once.

Now, they can participate in unfolding the beauty of life.

They chose to experience this world this way. And they continue to chose to have pain and fear exist, so they can experience growth and love. Every experience is for their greatest benefit, though they may not see how at the time.

Slowly, she opens her eyes and leans forward to switch off the power button.

Only to realize it was never switched on.

What? She presses the power button on and off, and it remains unresponsive. No sessions recorded.

But the experience was real – as strong as her belief, as clear as her expectation that it would work. And it dawned on her that in the pursuit of creating the most intelligent technology on earth, she had discovered intelligence in its purest form: the power of human consciousness.


This was my first piece of science fiction. What do you think of it? Please leave a comment below 🙂


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