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Intentional Business Design

Align Your Work With Your Life Mission

I started my career on Facebook’s early marketing team. Since then, I’ve launched a creative marketing agency with Randi Zuckerberg and led B2C and B2B marketing at a startup before becoming Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives.

I now help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups accelerate progress toward their dreams.



Designing Intentional Businesses

Align your business with your life mission

Brand and Growth Strategy

Increase both your impact and personal fulfillment


Ashmi built and executed the marketing and content strategy for our lifestyle brand and online community. She knows how to build traction around new brands and products, turning top influencers in the industry into raving evangelists. She’s a rockstar, and you can trust her to pour her heart into any project!

Randi Zuckerberg

CEO, Zuckerberg Media

Ashmi represents an extension of my company’s brain. She helped us close our largest VC check to date by advising us on fundraising and strengthening our pitch. Building rapport and trust with investors is a critical skill for fundraising that’s hard to develop. Ashmi’s advice, execution, and belief in me gave me the soft skills and confidence to raise a large round.

Dan Seider

CEO and Founder, Stigma

When you find someone who is reliable, whip-smart, and enjoyable to spend time with, you feel very fortunate. Then when you find out the same person also has machine-like output, is able to handle a wide range of work, and proactively finds ways to contribute with a smile, you feel like you won the lottery. That’s how I felt after hiring Ashmi.

Daniel Gruneberg

Entrepreneur, Advisor

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