At a beautiful villa in Bali, I had an incredible meditation experience using light therapy devices that activate the pineal gland.

The creator of Light Self Therapy, Guy Harriman, developed the Ajna Lamp as a way for people to experience deep meditation using light in 2013. He worked for 23 years as a chip designer in Silicon Valley, including four years with Steve Jobs at NeXT, then became a healer and yogi for over 30 years.

I sat down with a group of people to try on the PryaLight glasses, a new technology. As I closed my eyes under the dark glasses, they began to flicker powerful bright lights onto my eyelids.

When I meditate on my own, it usually takes about fifteen minutes for my thoughts to quiet. With the glasses, I focused on the white lights playing on my eyelids and got into a deep meditative state quickly. In just a few minutes, I started seeing vibrant colors and patterns swirl under my eyelids – pinks, golds, blues, and purples. A light buzz expanded across my hands, chest, and forehead as I relaxed even more.

Guy told us that these lights stimulate the pineal gland, or the “third eye,” which is calcified or blocked in most people. This stimulation releases the pineal gland’s natural store of DMT (Dimethyl tryptamine), a psychedelic compound that is structurally similar to melatonin. We all release DMT naturally in birth and death.  

The visuals we see are created by our own minds. The lights are simply tools to help us more easily access an alternate state of consciousness. It’s quite profound, especially for people who don’t meditate or haven’t experienced anything like it before. There are many different ways to activate the pineal gland – through meditation, sound frequencies, plant medicines, light therapy, and more. I found light therapy to be one of the easiest, natural ways to enter this state quickly.

Next, we tried the Ajna Lamp as a group. Closing our eyes, we faced a big lamp that flashed even brighter strobe-like white lights. Immediately, I saw vivid patterns under my closed eyelids: rainbows, mandalas, geometric patterns, and swirls of colors. It was a light show under my eyelids, as patterns danced, swirled, transformed.

We only used it for 10 minutes, but it was a journey to another world. I felt incredibly peaceful and awed when I came back to earth.

“The user’s brainwaves are entrained through these specific frequencies between 1Hz and 50Hz producing various trance states. This can range from an easy relaxed state to a very deep meditative state. By connecting with the deep unconscious one begins the self-healing process towards reprogramming your original imprint for health.”  –Guy Harriman

Guy travels around the world to give demonstrations and to help people experience their higher states of consciousness.

He was glowing with tranquility, so clearly living his purpose on earth. Every time I caught his eye during his talk, I felt a sense of instant recognition. It was as if I knew him, in this lifetime or another.

We naturally started talking after his demonstration. There was a sense of resonance and familiarity as we connected. He was completely present with everyone he spoke to, and I could feel the unconditional loving-kindness radiate from his being.

Weeks since my experience with the Ajna and PryaLight, I’ve noticed my regular meditations become more magical. I’m able to enter that trance state more quickly on my own, and I now see the soft colors swirl in my mind’s eye in almost every meditation. For the first time in my life, I saw bright visions flash – symbolic numbers, and images of the sun and ocean. 

I feel grateful to Guy for bringing the Ajna Light and PryaLight into the world. This technology reminds us that there is something more out there than our day-to-day reality. And he has made it accessible for people to experience the expansiveness of their own consciousness.

Many of us get glimpses of alternate dimensions on our path – from lucid dreams, visuals in meditation, a palpable awareness of our buzzing energy during yoga, and more. They are signs that there is something more to our reality, something deeper than what we can see with our eyes. After a meditation, place your palms an inch apart and feel the magnetic ball of energy between your hands. It’s a reminder that we’re all made of energy, and it’s really there.

Whether it’s through a meditation, light therapy, or plant substances – if you experience something profound that makes you question your current understanding of reality – trust that feeling. Look at it with curiosity and wonder. It comes from you, as you create it from within.

We often need to close our eyes to get to that place, but what we experience there may be more real than our waking experience. This is the magic of going deeper within, to experience the vastness of who we are and what we can be.

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